Blog Contest/Kindle Bestseller Campaign - 10 Winners Will Receive Hot New Kindle Book

I'm buying 10 Kindle downloads of Darcia Helle's book The Cutting Edge for 10 of my blog followers (new or old) in a random giveaway, if anyone is interested in entering. My contest will run through Dec. 16 at midnight EST. Winners will be announced on Friday, December 17 and will receive their free download on December 20. This is to support The Bestseller Bound Cutting Edge Campaign, in which readers are being asked to download the book on Dec. 20 to help it become an Amazon bestseller. The book will be discounted to 99 cents on that day and proceeds from that day will help support a food pantry, so it is an interesting marketing campaign for authors to take a look at and a wonderful book for readers to enjoy.
My blog post has links on different ways to follow the campaign and to be kept in the loop about the campaign's effectiveness. The book is about a hairdresser named Skye Summers who can’t stop fantasizing about killing her clients. Meanwhile, a serial killer is targeting women in the community and becomes obsessed with Skye. The book mixes elements of suspense, mystery, romance and dark comedy.
If you'd like to enter for the free Kindle download and find out more about the campaign, visit

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