Having cut my teeth, so to speak, on long mystery fiction, I decided to try my hand at shorter pieces. I found a site, FictionWritersPlatform.net where short stories of all genres can be posted. My first offering, a short humor/mystery, "Dead Letter," won an Editors Choice Award, and got lots of email from people who were upset that I apparently killed the main character at the end. Bowing to popular opinion, I revived him in "Return to Sender," which also won an Editors Choice Award, and got lots of thanks from readers who had enjoyed the first. To see these stories you can go to the following link, which will take you to :Return to Sender," and from there, you can click to the others: http://www.fictionwritersplatform.net/2010/06/return-to-sender/. I would really appreciate any feedback from the crime fiction gurus who inhabit this space.

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