British Crime Author Jim Kelly at SCENE OF THE CRIME

The Crime Novels of Jim Kelly: “The cold, bleak landscape of the fens seems to seep through the paper”

Winner of the 2006 Dagger in the Library award from the Crime Writers Association, Jim Kelly is the author of five crime novels in the series that features fictional journalist Philip Dryden. These novels are set in England’s Cambridgeshire Fens. Most recently, Kelly has written three novels in his new series featuring Detective Inspector Peter Shaw, which are  set on England’s North Norfolk coast and in the port of Lynn. The New York Times Book Review declared of Kelly’s work, “Ever since the days of Agatha Christie, the great divide in the British detective story has been between plot and character…The novels of Jim Kelly are. . . a find.” Similarly, the Washington Post said of his work, “Kelly enlivens his tale with a richly atmospheric setting, sharp contemporary characters, and an often biting knack for capturing the essence of people.”

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