Catch Me and Two Ex-FBI Undercover Agents on a Podcast Oct. 24

Heads up, I'll be on the G-Zone podcast show at 3 p.m. Central on Monday, Oct. 24. I'll be taking a late lunch and calling in to talk shop with infamous indie book titan, Giovanni Gelati.


But I'm not the main attraction. Joining us will be two ex-undercover FBI agents turned thriller authors. The first, Bob Hamer, is "the real deal." Just read his biography. He's risked life and limb infiltrating organizations like NAMBLA (yes, that NAMBLA - the National Man/Boy Love Association) and organized crime. He's served as technical advisor for many crime TV shows, including Law and Order.


The other guest, Michael Tabman, is also as real as it gets. Here's his bio:


"Michael, a 24-year FBI veteran, investigated crimes ranging from white collar to bank robberies, organized crime, drug trafficking and money laundering. He rose through the ranks reaching the level of Special Agent in Charge. His professional travels took him to Israel, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand."


You think those two guys have some stories to tell? Yeah. I think so.


You can listen to the show live or after the fact here at the G-Zone show on Blogtalkradio.

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