Crime City Central wants your story

Crime City Central debuted last week to great reviews and over 750 downloads! We have many stories coming up from outstanding authors, including Ann Littlewood, Cheryl Wood-Ruggiero, Carolyn Hart, Copper Smith, Brad Morrow, Annette Meyers, Marty Maeyers, Tony Lindsay, Keven McQueen, Chris F Holm, Ray Banks, John Corrigan, Joe Lansdale and many more.

We need hundreds of stories, though, to maintain a reliable 40 - 60 minute weekly show. We can't pay for stories, but we can increase your readership.

If you have published a story you would like to hear on Crime City Central, contact me. We're looking for 3000 - 10,000 words. We're also interested in crime non-fiction.

I also hope you'll download one of our first shows from iTunes and have a listen. "Keller the Dog Killer" by Lawrence Block aired July 16, and "Something Rather Fishy" by Marilyn Todd aired July 23. If you like the show, please leave a positive review on iTunes. If you don't like something about the show, email me so I can fix it!

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