What's your favorite scene of the crime? Do you like a dark, deserted, spooky old mansion with a mile long driveway that's ten miles from the nearest town? Do you like a crowded subway in downtown New York City during rush hour? No witnesses? One witness? A hundred witnesses?

I like for my 'killers' to be rather on the bold side. People, generally speaking, are not really good witnesses to a crime, with the shock and all, and descriptions of what happened and who they saw usually end up like the old telephone game we used to play as kids. You remember, the one where you start with a short phrase at the beginning of the line and keep whispering it down. What you end up with when the last person says it out loud pretty much has no resemblance to the original one.

My killers usually don't care if someone is around. There are times though when they prefer witnesses, at times, one particular person and it's better if the area is well lit. All the better to see you my dear...

Sure, there are times when I will go with a dark house, late at night, all are asleep, then..., but usually, I like to keep things out in the open in broad daylight. I'd love to hear some opinions on this. What are YOUR preferences?

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