Updates, updates, updates….

Ok so for all those who have been following what has been happening…I have finished one book and made a good start on another. I am now five chapters into my new novel and it is going exactly to plan. I have learnt so much from the first one that I am really enjoying the writing process on this one!

I have also spent much of today making contact with a dozen or so radio stations. I am determined that I can break the stereotype of an Author by bringing my work into the public arena through a number of mediums. I believe that there is room in the media for Authors to be on the Radio and TV – not just as a photo at the back of a novel! Soon I hope to be reading on-air, sharing stories and maybe even taking questions from the public.

Well that is my plan and I am making it happen one step at a time. I will keep you updated as to what the Radio Stations say and would also like to say as a side note, that if you think you can do something, even if its not the “norm”- don’t be afraid to do it! Leave your mark!

So thank you all for stopping by and remember for the latest in Reviews, News, Interviews and stories head to www.flicmanning.com

Flic :)

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