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Noir is a genre describing films and books that revolve around cynical characters in corrupt situations. Most famous are the detective films from the 1940’s; the tough guy cop, fallen hero, and dame within a dark, foreboding setting. Think Maltese Falcon.


Florida noir films are genre films with broken characters in equally twisted situations. There is always a dilemma. Often there is good guy vs. bad guy within Florida noir, a backdrop of windswept, stormy oceans and old Florida surroundings adding to the mystery and danger.


The most well-known Florida noir film is Key Largo, with Humphrey Bogart. He’s a guy complicated in his own right, yet takes on gangsters. There is a Florida hurricane brewing, if not equal to the heated tension within the hotel, as the gangsters hold everyone hostage. There is a buildup of tension exactly as the hurricane builds, and affects characters and plot dynamics. There are famous pairings in classic noir films of powerful actors, like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.


The old-time noir films are special because of black and white film, which add to the dark quality and appeal in general. There are modern films that have the classic noir vibe, such as Body Heat with Kathleen Turner and William Hurt. Turner's character is a classy lady who plays it cool. The somewhat beguiled lawyer, Hurt's character, should have known better in regard to breaking laws. These films are just some examples of the noir formula, that make for memorable scenes on the big screen. 

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