FREE TODAY AND TOMORROW Fun Caper With Lovebird Bank Robbers

Bottom line: free on Kindle today and tomorrow.

Next to the bottom line: I’m cruisin’ hard for reviews and think you’ll enjoy this enough to give me some stars.


BAILIN’ started life as a screenplay.  But if there is one thing harder to sell than a novel, it’s a movie script.  So, on the advice of guru Larry Brody, I started “reverse adapting” my scripts—novelizing the plays—and this one has worked out the best.  What started as an attempt to get a quickie ebook blossomed out and I like the writing and augmented characterization a lot.


The cover subtitle “Comic Crime Romance” gives you an idea (though it’s not a “real romance” in the RWA sense—just two lovebirds working it out while robbing banks and trying to collect for the embezzler they rescued/kidnapped.   Cole and Bunny, smooching their way across Texas and parts of Mexico with help from some rocket-flying bike bums.  And much cuter than Bonnie and Clyde.


I’m seeing this book as a breakthrough thing for me, an attempt to get on the boards with something of wider appeal.  And don’t flip out when I say this, because I’m a huge fan of the man, but I think BAILIN’ would go over well with fans of Donald Westlake.

My first task, of course, is building up a body of reviews and I hope you’ll help me out with that.  Especially since you can get  BAILIN’ for FREE today and tomorrow, Feb 21 and 22, on the amazon Kindle store:


Thanks for your attention.  I hope you’ll grab a copy of BAILIN’ and enjoy it’s blend of wild action, financial hanky-panky. humor and lovey-dovey.

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Comment by Linton Robinson on February 23, 2013 at 10:24am

Well, it's still middle of day 2.  About 400 give-aways.    Two sales of paperbacks stemming from the promo. 

Be interesting to see what it does for sales.  Although I don't see as the point of the initital freebie blast.  Which is to get profile of reviews that allow you to get listed, featured, and sponsored on mailing lists and hotsheets.

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