As always, here are your Friday YA-related links, and some sundry items I felt like adding:

You can nominate your favorite (recent) YA book for the Cybils—check it out here.

At Teenreads, there are several contests to win books (you have to scroll down a bit to get to that part). Penguin also has a contest where you can win some classic books, more on that here. And who doesn’t love a contest, right?

A recent report found that teens, women, and seniors are adopting mobile the fastest, read more in this article. There was a comment in there by Chris Quick, client services manager (mobile media), suggesting that us women find mobile connectivity handy so we can improve our shopping, and plan tonight’s dinner. I’ll try not to be offended by that.

If you’re between 13 and 24 and would like to share your opinion on all things youth culture, YPulse is looking to add 10 people to their advisory board.

From the Publisher’s Marketplace news page: reviewing bloggers now have to disclose if they got a book for free. Read about this new FTC ruling here. This one has got all my online groups buzzing, and not the happy kind of buzz.

Publishers Weekly reports that Robin Brande’s Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature was optioned by producer Diana Ossana (of Brokeback Mountain). Sounds like this could be an interesting movie.

For you writers with a finished manuscript (you know who you are), author Kat Richardson has a detailed and very informative blog post on how to find the right agent.

And under the department Did We Really Need a Poll to Prove This?: whatever is the most annoying word in America.

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