Been a long while since I came here. Think I got lost somewhere back there on the A73. I had to live rough for a couple of years, sleeping in hedgerows and eating nuts, berries, and Monster Munch, but I found my way back.

To anyone interested, I have a new novel called STAIRWAY TO HELL coming out in August over here in the UK from Serpent's Tail. It is about a man who discovers a stairway that leads to hell. No, it is about an alternative universe where everything is reversed, including Led Zeppelin song titles. No, it is about...

You know what? Publishers employ people to write blurbs, rather than leave it to writers, who inevitably lie. So let me leave you with the words of Niamh, Serpent's Tail's capable blurbmeistress:

"Something very strange has been happening in Warchester, and local pub singer Rik Suntan is about to have his doors of perception blown wide open. It seems that during the 1970s, Jimmy Page's experiments with the occult wandered into the art of soulshifting - namely, swapping the souls of celebrity rivals with those of newly born babies in the Warchester maternity ward. Obviously this news is a tad hard to swallow, and Rik's got other problems on his plate - his regular slot doing Cliff Richard covers at the local nightclub is axed, and his girlfriend's dumped him for a ginger bloke. But not nearly as jaw-dropping as finding out he's the reincarnation of David Bowie..."

Oh, and here's what it looks like:

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