Holmes, Marja McGraw, Paige Shelton, Halloween short stories & more in KRL

New issue of Kings River Life is up and filled with mystery fun! We have some Sherlock Holmes trivia from Kathleen Kaska & a chance to win a copy of her Sherlock Holmes Trivia book http://kingsriverlife.com/10/27/rat-tales-spottys-retirement/

We also have a review of Marja McGraw's mystery novel "Bogey's Ace In The Hole", a guest post by Marja on how she came up with this character who resembles Humphrey Bogart, and you can win a copy of the book kingsriverlife.com/10/27/bogeys-ace-in-the-hole-by-marja-mcgraw/

We have had several more Halloween mystery short stories go up by various mystery writers over the past week with 2 new ones today and another to come on Halloween--they include authors Kaye George, Andrew MacRae, Margaret Mendel & others. You can find them all in our Terrific Tales section http://kingsriverlife.com/category/kings-river-reviewers/terrific-t...

And if you like fantasy with your mystery we have a review of Tad Williams latest novel "The Dirty Streets of Heaven", an interview with Tad & you can win a copy of the book http://kingsriverlife.com/10/27/the-dirty-streets-of-heaven-by-tad-...

And for some scary reading suggestions check out KRL staff's scariest reads http://kingsriverlife.com/10/27/scary-reads-for-halloween/

Lastly, on KRL Lite we have a review of Paige Shelton's latest mystery, "If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance" & a chance to win a copy of the book http://kingsriverlife.blogspot.com/2012/10/if-mashed-potatoes-could...

Happy reading & Happy Halloween,
Lorie Ham

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