How 'bout I Cough in Your Cup and Charge You a Coffee?

How does this proposal sound?

1) You give me $1,500.

2) You write a 1,200-word story and give it to me. It doesn't matter if you've ever written anything beyond a grocery list. I don't care. Just put 1,200 words into a Word document and send it to me. My "editing services" will handle the rest.

3) I put your story into a compilation and "publish" it. I send you copies to sell.

4) You gain instant credibility as an author. This will help you promote your business because, heck, all authors are credible.

I was recently solicited for a scam like this. I had not heard of this particular approach. They really drove home the part about "INSTANT CREDIBILITY." They also had a bunch of celebrities endorse it (if you could call them celebrities – these guys were C-list at best).

Just letting you know about that pile of dog crap before anyone steps in it.

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Comment by Dana King on April 15, 2010 at 4:22am
Nice try. Next you're going to expect us to believe that email isn't really from an exiled Nigerian prince.

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