I am searching for information about author Karen Ann Wilson

Karen Ann Wilson wrote 4 books: Eight Dogs Flying (94), Copy Cat Crimes (95), Beware of Sleeping Dogs (96) and Circle of Wolves (97). I read Eight Dogs Flying years and years ago and really loved it.  Since I have refined my list of favorite authors and have enjoyed finding books at used book stores and yard sales I wanted to find out what has happened to Karen Ann Wilson and maybe contact her and let her know that I have enjoyed reading her books.  I thought that this should be an easy task with the internet and all this could be done from the comfort of my living room, but that is not the case.  I have sent emails to the publisher on the books and have not heard one word.  I am not angry about not hearing, I know that people are busy and just can't reply to everyone.  I never got to tell Lillian Jackson Braun how much I loved her books and now she is gone, I would like to be able to tell Karen Ann Wilson how much I have enjoyed her books before it is too late and another wonderful author slips through my fingers.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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