I'm so pleased that my good friend Graeme S Houston who is responsible for the fantastic covers of many of my books has opened his new publishing house. Mythica Publishing is now accepting submissions in all categories and genres and I'm so happy to be able to say that two of my works have been slected by Graeme as the first two books to be published by Mythica. As I've previously announced 'Arcadia 22 Heavy - Mayday' by Harry Porter and 'Of Aztecs and Conquistadors' by Juan Pablo Jalisco will both appear under the Mythica banner.

Graeme has also honored me by asking me to the company's Mystery/Thriller Consultant, which I have gladly accepted. I'll be sure to have a great deal of reading to do and hope to find some real gems amongst the submissions received by Mythica.

Initially Mythica will focus on the publication of e-books but hope to expand their operation into print publication as the company grows.

Graeme was at one time the proprietor of Stargazer Publishing before leaving Malaysia and returning to the UK where Mythica has now been born. Submissions are now open and anyone who wishes to learn more about Mythica should visit their website at www.mythicapublishing.com

I for one am proud to be able to support my friend in his new venture and I wish him every success in the fture. I hope that it won't be long before the name of Mythica Publishing is up there with the very best in the industry.

This is what he says of the company:

Mythica Publishing Limited has been set up to provide the very best fiction. While the mainstream publishing industry languishes, due to the pursuit of best sellers, the rest of us know where the best books come from these days. Independent publishers and small presses are where new and exciting authors are finding their feet, and shaking up the industry.

As a small publisher, Mythica Publishing is not encumbered by the massive overheads that throttle larger publishers. Because of this we are able to publish the stuff that deserves to be published, not just the stuff that’s profitable. Please help us and our authors by purchasing our books or joining our community, so that we can in turn continue to put out compelling fiction and fascinating non-fiction.

There is no particular genre that we love more than the others, and as such we give everything a fair chance. We also like to see books that laugh in the face of categorisation! Quality and originality are also of paramount importance to us.

Anyone who wishes to submit to Mythica will be assured of a prompt and friendly reply from Graeme.

Mythica's submission guidelines can be found at http://www.mythicapublishing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49&Itemid=58

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