Did that make sense?

I'm always busy. If I'm not busy then I'm watching tv, and while I'm watching tv I think, hey, I could be writing or promoting something I've written.

I took a look at 2009 and I realized that I was doing half and half. I spent half my time working on looking for a new job and the other half of the time promoting stuff my dad's written. I took a look at old e-mails to jobs I've applied for, asisstant - marketing, advertising, pr, things like that and I haven't been successful. So I'm going to focus more on stories I've written. I'm going to hit the pavement.

I keep hearing that the economy is "coming back" but to quote Martha Jones form Utopia "not on my street" so I said to myself, self you need to get on the ball with what you want to do. So nine days ago I started my web site.


It's not a dot com yet, but work with me, it will be soon. The 13th Floor is up as well as Lily's Ballad it's a romance story, and today I just put up Battle at the Revkar Portal it takes place in the same universe as Escape 2 Earth, so if you like scifi stories that invovle warriors and alien creatures with the ability to see into the past than this is your cup of tea.

I've been trying to get my brother to draw a few of the characters for me, we'll see how that goes.

The Battle at the Revkar Portal is a short story that is first in a series entitled The Visions of Koto-Ryin. There is a mystery element in it the warriors don't know who to trust in the story so throughout the stories they'll get clues but they won't be sure until this person reveals themself.

I went to a scifi convention in November, to promote my dad's book Escape 2 Earth, he was on two panels and we met a lot of great people. I had never been in a room with that many Dr Who fans or True Blood fans for that matter. My mother was adorable because she was excited too, we don't know anyone who likes Dr. Who so it was fun to actually talk to other people about the show.

until next time

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