Trapped ten feet up in the overlapping branches near a fork in a tree, Jemma Kitty struggled to free her hind legs. The wind swayed the branches, slipping her tighter into the tree’s grip. Her powerful hind legs weakened but she fought for freedom, tore out a claw, and kept trying. Her jammed back legs went to sleep and she yowled.
Doreen, John Michael and Mickey Hawkins drove up to their house in Triplett Valley near Boone, NC, and heard the baby-like cries. They followed the sound up the mountain behind their house and saw the gray Russian Blue high in the tree. It took a ladder, a jack to pry apart the branches and courage for John Michael fo face a terrified cat. He released Jemma Kitty from the tree and hugged her to his chest to climb down the ladder. They gently checked for broken bones and bleeding but found only damage to her hind claws.
They brought her to my home. When Jemma Kitty first walked, her hind legs splayed out behind her. She quickly regained control. One life down, eight still around because of my hero neighbors.
Thank you, Doreen, John Michael and Mickey Hawkins for bringing Jemma Kitty home.

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