Leighton Gage Talks About His Brazilian Mysteries at SCENE OF THE CRIME

Leighton Gage is the author of the award-winning Chief Inspector Mario Silva Investigations, set mostly in Brazil, where Leighton now makes his home. As Leighton notes on his homepage: “Silva has a big job. He’s a Brazilian Federal Cop. In his country there’s no FBI, no DEA, no Secret Service, no DHS, no CBP and most police corporations have no Internal Affairs Department. Mario and his colleagues have to do it all and more. And they do it while traveling a lot. The area of their responsibility is larger than the continental United States.”

The most recent title in the series, Every Bitter Thing, published this month, is “Gage’s gripping fourth mystery to feature quick-witted Chief Insp. Mario Silva,” according to Publishers Weekly. The New York Times called Silva “irresistible,” in its review of the same title. Other books in the series include Dying Gasp, from 2009, Buried Strangers, from 2008, and Blood of the Wicked, from 2007. Leighton’s books have earned praise from many corners. The New York Times found the series “top notch,” Publishers Weekly dubbed the books “intelligent and subtle,” and Booklist called it am “outstanding series,” adding, “Silva just may be South America’s Kurt Wallander.”


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Comment by Dana King on December 18, 2010 at 4:46am

Thanks for sharing this. I was lucky enough to review EVERY BITTER THING, which is an excellent book, not unlike what Ed McBain would have written if Isola had been in brazil. I was also lucky enough to exchange a few emails with Leighton, who is as nice a man as can be found. Good to see him continuing to get notice.

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