Ron Papasinsky called Jack and he accepted the invitation. Jack was on time at the Cisco Detective Agency owned and operated by Ron Papasinsky.
“I’m here to see Mr. Papasinsky.”
“Go right in, he’s expecting you.”
“How do you know me?”
“Saw the video, you were fantastic.”
“Thanks, I had one eye shut too.”
The receptionist laughed and Jack entered the office, Ron stood up and shook Jack’s hand.
“Glad you came.”
“No problem, what do have in mind?”
“As you can see I run a detective agency.”
“Looks like a successful agency; you have a nice setup here.”
“Been doing it for twenty years, I have three good associate detectives that helped make this business successful.”
“Is this about a job?”
“Yes, I saw your video on TV, and I was impressed.”
“I was lucky.”
“I doubt that, you must have some kind of training?”
“You’re too young to be retired.”
“Had a mishap during a mission and lost my lower legs.”
“Why didn’t you stay on?”
“Offered a desk job and I’m not cut out for that, so I took my disability and retired.”
“I could use a man like you, I read from your history where you were a squad leader.”
“Yeah, I’ll miss those guys.”
“I think you would make an excellent detective.”
“Even with my handicap?”
“I think your handicap would be an advantage.”
“How’s that?”
“For surveillance you would not be suspect, plus with your seal training you would be perfect for the agency.”
“Finally a man with some common sense.”
“A handicap doesn’t necessarily mean a person can’t do a job, it depends on the person.”
“I like your thinking Ron.”
“I want you to meet someone.” Ron called Angie to the office. She was a beautiful blonde, well built, and carried herself with confidence. “Meet my assistant and top notch detective, Angela Papasinsky.”
“Glad to meet you, is this your daughter?”
As Jack shook her hand it felt strange and her grip was extremely firm. “You have an unusually firm grip.”
She grinned as she pulled off her latex fake covering over her left hand. Underneath was a shiny stainless steel appendage that resembled a well engineered mechanical hand. Jack was mesmerized as he stared at her fascinating hand; it looked like the hand of the terminator in the movie. She wiggled her fingers and then reached and picked up a pen on the desk and wrote her name with the terminator hand.
“Wow, are you a lefty?”
“No, I’m ambidextrous.”
“I understand now why you’re dad is not inhibited by a handicap.”
“Angie is my top associate and supervisor over the other detectives on my staff, and she works in the field.”
“Now I’m impressed,” as he winked at Angie.
“Your wheel chair seems to have some extra attachments; I noticed that the steel caps on the end of your legs have some kind of wheels for mobility.”
“Do you have a gym or workout room in this building?”
“Yes, we have a racquet ball court, weight room, and firing range for the staff.”
“Lead me to the racquet ball court and I will demonstrate this altered wheel chair.”


The three went downstairs where; they entered the racquet ball court. Jack wheeled to the center of the court and faced Ron and Angie. He pushed a lever, quickly four collapsible stainless steel rods extended at thirty five degree angles from the chair; they rested firmly on the floor creating a solid base to prevent the wheel chair from being toppled.
“Ron, you’re a big man, try to knock me over from all four sides.” Ron tried to but Jack was firmly set.
“Who designed this for you, Jack?”
“I designed and built it.”
“Where did you learn these skills?”
“Before I became a seal I had three years of mechanical engineering in college.”
“That would be handy at times.”
“I love to tinker so I rigged this up.”
“What about those wheels on the end of those caps?”
Jack grinned then pushed himself off the wheel chair and hit the floor roller skating around the court like a kid. Ron and Angie were awed by this ingenuity. “Where did you get the idea to build these?” Ron asked.
“I saw kids with small wheels on the bottom of their running shoes and so I made my own.”
“Why don’t you just forget the wheel chair then?”
“Two reasons, one I’m a tad lazy, and two, I modified this wheel chair so that it can move as fast as kid running.” Jack floored the wheel chair and sped around the court like a demon on fire. “Damn, you’re full of surprises.”
“You want more?”
“By all means”
“You mentioned a firing range, lead me there.”
Ron had installed a one hundred and fifty foot firing range for his detectives too keep them sharp with their handguns. Jack placed himself at the front of the range, there was a paper target at the end of the range, and it was fifty feet from Jack. Jack reached to his belt on the right side and pushed one of two buttons and a slight click could be heard. He raised his right leg aligning it with the target and pushed a second button four times in rapid succession---bang, bang, bang, bang. The end of his right cap released four nine millimeter bullets creating a neat hole in the head of the target. The cap was smoking. Ron and Christy were stunned at this display and Ron quickly yelled. “Wooweee, show us that device.”
Jack pushed the first button again on his belt, “that’s the safety button on the Sig Saur in the cap.” He wheeled around and reached down and removed the cap revealing the Sig Saur built into the cap with a rod like structure located where the hammer of the pistol normally was located, the rod had a thin wire running up Jack`s leg to the buttons embedded in his belt.
“You’re a dangerous man in that wheelchair.”
“I love to design and build.”
“When can you start?”
Jack hesitated for a moment, this guy is serious and this job might be fun. At least I can use my training; I’ll take it and see how it goes. When do I start?”
“Today if you can?”

“Sure, my wheelchair needs the action.”

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