"More Deaths Than One" Contest. Win Free Books!

Win an autographed copy of More Deaths Than One by Pat Bertram (her very first autograph!) and your choice of two other titles from Second Wind Publishing .

The premise:

A friend of Pat Bertram’s found an obituary in the paper that could have been for his mother — the woman had the same name, lived in the same general area, was the same age, had the same number of children, and one of the children had approximately the same name and age as the friend. There was no relationship, merely coincidence but, joking, Bertram said, “What if her son really is you?” That “what if” eventually became Bertram’s novel More Deaths Than One.

Write at least a paragraph and no more than a page, telling us how would you develop a story using this scenario. The three most imaginative entries will be posted on the Second Wind site for readers to vote on. The top entry will win an autographed copy of More Deaths Than One and your choice of two other books from Second Wind Publishing.


One paragraph to one page of your own version of the “What if?” from above.
Submitted by Midnight (12:00) EST Monday February the 16th 2009.
Only one submission per person.


Pat Bertram and Second Wind management will read over all the entries and decide which three are the best - -completely subject to our personal opinions as publishers and writers. The three best will be published on the Second Wind website on or around February 23rd 2009. From then you will have a week to vote on the best of the three entries. The top voted entry will receive the books.

Please submit your entry in the form at: http://secondwindpublishing.com/bertramcontest.html

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