First: a quick self-promo even though it is frowned upon - my story, Live Free or Die, Die, Die! was selected to appear in the crime/pulp/noir anthology of the same name scheduled for release this November.  I may even be asked to do a reading so I'll keep people posted.


Second:  I watched the movie Scarlett Street starring Edward G. Robinson of Little Caesar and The Public Enemy fame, as well as Joan Bennett and Dan Duryea.  I had no idea what I was getting into, having no idea what the film was really about (and to be honest the Netflix description was another example of the people writing the description having not actually seen the movie).


Here's the basic story, no spoilers, at least nothing that will ruin the movie.  A guy, Christopher Cross, has been a cashier with the same company for twenty-five years, is in a marriage that leaves him less than happy, and likes to paint on Sundays.


As in all good noir, he meets a girl, and long story short, ends up spending money that isn't his on an apartment in Greenwich village so she can live there and he can paint.  But lo and behold, she's got a guy on the side too.


I don't want to say more but I will say this, the ending of that movie had me on the edge of my seat.  Honestly, a little craziness goes a long way to create one of the most haunting endings I've ever seen in a movie.  If you're looking for happy endings, sunshine, and houses with white picket fences, steer clear of this one.


But if you're a fan of noir, this is a can't miss.

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