Murder in the Magic City is an annual book conference for writers and readers in Birmingham, Alabama. I just got back and can report that it was excellent. It's an invitation only event for writers -- so there were only 16 authors there. About 150 readers attended the main all-day event in Birmingham, and another 150 at a separate event the following day in Wetumpka -- about 50 miles away. Both were great. The area has an excellent community of readers, writers and friends. And the conference was small enough that you got to talk to just about everybody. The panel schedule was arranged one panel at a time, so everyone attended each session. This year's guests of honor were Kent Kreuger and Deborah Crombie -- both charming and immensely interesting! I highly recommend this event for all writers lucky enough to be invited and for all the readers who can get there. Organized by the fabulous Margaret Fenton with unflappable aplomb, it's an event to remember!

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