Hi folks, my book "A Day For A Day" has just been released at the Kindle store on Amazon.
Click here- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003IWYDYQ/ref=cm_cd_asin_lnk

A small Pennsylvania town is terrorized by
kidnappings and murders. When Maggie Taylor's six year old Sarah is
missing from their local park, Maggie goes on TV begging for her return.
Maggie discovers evidence about her neighbor but before she can go to
police, she finds herself in a desperate situation. Police are baffled
when three teen girls, two six year olds and now, Maggie Taylor is
missing. Officer Garret believes he may be dealing with more than one
serial killer. Meanwhile, Maggie is a prisoner in an abandoned shed, but
realizes her captor is NOT the one who took her daughter. A chilling
tale unravels when Maggie manipulates her abductor........ to do her
bidding. For every DAY of evil, there comes a DAY of justice!

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