It all happened one spring afternoon, when the chilly breeze blew in quietly into the Hall of Chicago University’s divinity building. A student by the name of Worm Wood was going into the men’s bathroom and to his shock he found his most beloved Professor Pendinsky lying on the floor of the bathroom with a pool of blood. He also found a strange enigmatic symbol drawn on paper beside him. The symbol showed the Ouroboros, the ring of eternity having the serpent biting the ring with the head at one end and the tail at the other end. Inside the Ouroboros, there was a modified Swastika which unlike Hitler’s one, was pointing down to the earth and also there was the symbol of the inverted Cross. On the head of the paper, letters were scrolled in Gothic: Templar Tarot. Worm Wood called his other professors and they reported the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI came to the conclusion that Pendinsky was shot on the head with a .25 caliber Beretta. Detective Agent Shibboleth Shekinah tried to research on the Occult significance of the enigmatic cult Templar Tarot. And to his surprise he could come up with bewildering information. He found out that there was no cult called Templar Tarot, neither in America or any other part of the world. The he tried to deduce the symbolism of the Templar Tarot. The Ouroboros, resembling a Serpent biting the ring with its head at one end and biting the ring with its tail at the other end represents the symbolism of Eternity. Who’s Eternity? Why Eternity? The Serpent is a leitmotif of the one and only one Devil Lucifer, a fallen angel. Why does he want to represent eternity in that manner? Is it a sign to show that he will be an authoritative Sovereign after the Armageddon? Or does the biting represent the defeat of Satan God Lucifer? The Ouroboros is strangely surprising, a paradox, and an eternity in two Worlds. The Swastika is even more puzzling. Hitler drew it, pointing it upwards to heaven. Here the Templar Tarot represents it as angling downwards representing earth. Is it a symbolism of a mind in the Diaspora of psychological holocaust, a mind tormented by the fetish totems of earthly fornication and covetousness? Is it a manifestation of the far right wing extremists of the Country Mytho-Disto-Utopia to establish a one World, One Government and One Economy Order? Yes Pendinsky belonged to the country —-Mytho-Disto-Utopia and he had escaped to Italy and then sought political asylum in the United States. Pendinsky has been vociferous in his tirades against the Communist Iron Guard regime of Mytho-Disto-Utopia. He has revealed to me, since I was his closest friend, that he had received death threats from the Communist Iron Guard regime. What about the inverted Cross? Yes, it is used in Satanic rituals as an erotic symbol. A witch lies nude at the altar of the Satanic temple and the inverted Cross hangs beside it and Lord’s Prayer is repeated with beginning: “Our Father in Hell.” Yes the inverted Cross represents fertility, sexuality, orgasms, and queerity. There is no gender, no sex, and no norm. Everything is transgressed, violated and enjoyed to the core. Detective Agent Shibboleth Shekinah concluded that the murder might have been committed by the Tarot Templar cult which had its affiliations with the Communist Iron Guard regime. But till today, the FBI has not been able to identify the assassin. After he finished writing the article for Times Emit Edible News, he felt a pang of guilt. Prof. Pendinsky was his best friend. But he was more loyal to the cult of the Templar Tarot and to his benefactors of the Communist Iron Guard Regime of the Country Mytho-Disto-Utopia. He sighed in sadness and then submitted the article.

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