Patience Is A Virtue - Monday 6th July

As the eagle-eyed amongst you will have no doubt realised, the blog has been on hiatus for a couple of weeks as Chris (my uber-talented web designer) and myself have been working on a number of site updates (at ahead of the launch of my second novel, Blood Law. Without wishing to give too much away ahead of the grand unveiling, the look of the site will be updated to tie in more closely with Blood Law’s excellent cover, while the content will be expanded to showcase the plot, characters, and music of the new novel. Please bear with us a little while longer, as all shall soon be revealed.

And on the subject of patience, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to bear with me once again, as the rest of this blog will largely comprise of me telling you about what I’ve been up to without actually showing you any of it. With the publicity push now beginning to ramp up ahead of Blood Law’s release, review copies of the novel have been sent out to the nation’s critics and I’ve carried out a number of interviews for influential websites and bloggers, as well as writing a lengthy article on gang culture. The choice of topic for the article was heavily influenced by Blood Law’s content, as in my second novel Hunter gets embroiled in the dangerous world of LA street gangs. Researching gang culture was really fascinating, as learning about the stark realities of an urban war fought mostly by children in one of the world’s most glamorous cities was an eye opener to say the least. As these interviews and articles are published in the coming weeks I’ll let you know where you can find them, but until then, I’m going to have to leave you hanging!

Now, a quick word about Blood Law’s scheduled release date of the 17th July. As I discovered when Justice For All was released, official release dates for authors of my stature aren’t exactly written in stone. If a store gets their copies of the books in a couple of weeks early, and if they’ve got shelf space to fill, then those books go out on the shelf (the converse is also true, meaning that books don’t show up on some shelves until well after the release date). As a result, I’ve already had reports of sightings of Blood Law on the nation’s bookshelves – kudos and muchas gracias to Mr. Paul Warman of Norwich for being the first person to buy a copy (that I’m aware of) from the princely surroundings of Sheffield train station – although he’s yet to start reading it as his wife nabbed it off him as soon as he got home! If anyone else has any confirmed Blood Law sightings then please let me know, and maybe I’ll dream up some sort of competition with an exclusive prize!

And finally, a belated thanks to one of the aforementioned influential bloggers, Rafe McGregor, who’s done me a solid my posting a teaser ad for Blood Law ahead of an interview I’ve done with him (check out the ad at Rafe is a published author himself, having written the critically acclaimed historical crime novel, The Architect of Murder, and a general all-round nice guy. Thanks Rafe, you’re a top man.


What’s Steve been listening go this week?
The 59 Sound – by The Gaslight Anthem
Some Cities – by Doves
West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum - Kasabian

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