Pauline Rowson talking to readers about her crime novels at the Isle of Wight Arts Festival

It was a pleasure to meet some existing readers and introduce my crime novels to new readers at the Isle of Wight Arts Festival at Ventnor on Sunday, and what a gorgeous day it was too, wall-to-wall sunshine with people flocking to the little beach in the small bay. I was just glad that some visitors managed to tear themselves away from the beach and the sunshine to come and listen to yours truly for an hour in the resplendent Royal Hotel, Ventnor.

It was a small group but they were delightful and I enjoyed talking to them and answering their questions about how I research and write my thrillers, and my marine mystery crime novels featuring my flawed and hunky detective DI Andy Horton.
The first Isle of Wight Festival  this year featured many local artists and writers and star attractions, Edward Fox and Barry Norman. I hope it has been a success and runs again next year. I'd be delighted to return and thank you to the people of Ventnor and the visitors for making me so welcome.

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Comment by King James on April 23, 2011 at 1:43pm
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