I've just put the first post up at the all new-ish ... www.pulppusher.blogspot.com


Back in business

Yep, folks Pulp Pusher is back. Kinda. The main aim of this blog is to act as an archive for the fantastic fiction that appeared on the original Pulp Pusher eZine. We had contributions from the likes of Cathi Unsworth, Ray Banks, Greg Bardsley and many more ... so, if you featured on Pusher Mk1, get in touch and I'll re-post.

I've put up an original short of my own (PRETTY BOY) that appeared there to get the ball rolling. I'll likely start putting up some old Pusher interviews too.

If you didn't feature, but would like to have a go at running a short by me for the blog, go for your life. Same old rules apply: noir and hardboiled crime fiction ... but, if you put a golf course in there you are seriously reducing your chances. Just warning you.

Book reviews, author interviews and whatever, yeah go on. We'll go for that too.

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