Review: A "Quirky" Grab Bag of Short Stories

I nabbed this from Darren Sant's book review blog here. He wrote the following review of Burning Bridges: A Renegade Anthology. What a guy.


A collection of extraordinarily diverse stories. Some authors have embraced the theme of burning bridges, using broad strokes to outline it, whilst others have been more subtle. As quirky a collection as you will find. 


There are stories of chance encounters. There is a tale of revenge that goes horribly wrong. A man on a mission does battle with extra terrestrials in his quest not to be late for work. In K.A. Laity’s excellent fable like story Horse Clock the goddess Sekhmet reflects on the past and makes a decision. In another story a wise guy gets his just desserts for messing with the wrong guys daughter. In B.R. Stateham's The Gift hit man Smitty helps an injured mobster by doling out his own brand of justice.


Mark Cooper Disciple hints at horrors in his usual deft way. In Joshua J. Mark's Safety First we are given a cleverly constructed and intelligently written glimpse into the mind of a killer. Paul D. Brazill tells a beguiling tale of beginnings and endings. Benjamin Sobieck’s tale The Last Injustice was moving and humorous at the same time. L.Vera’s Killing Deities conjured up wonderful visual images for me.


There are a whole host of other talents within this collection. You won’t perhaps like every tale in this collection. One or two make even have you scratching your head in confusion. However, if you are open minded embrace the diversity contained within this unique collection. A charity anthology that is well worth the cover price.


Genre:  Various

Publisher:  Independent

Format:  E-book Anthology

Rating:  5/5


Click here to get Burning Bridges: A Renegade Anthology from Amazon for 99 cents. All proceeds go to charity.

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