Review - Death of the Mantis, Michael Stanley

Author:  Michael Stanley
ISBN:   9780755381159
Location:   Botswana
Series:   Kubu Bengu
Publisher:   Headline
Year of Publication:   2011

When a Kalahari ranger is found dead in a dry ravine, his corpse surrounded by three Bushmen, the local police arrest the nomads.  Botswana's Detective 'Kubu' Bengu investigates the case and is reunited with his old school friend Khumanego, a Bushman and advocate for his people.  Khumanego claims the nomads are innocent and the arrests motivated by racist antagonism.  The Bushmen are released but, soon after, another man is murdered in similar circumstances. Are the Bushmen to blame, or is it a copycat murder?

Then there is a third murder.  Again it points to the Bushmen.  Kubu journeys into the depths of the Kalahari to find the truth. What he discovers will test all his powers of detection - and his ability to stay alive ...

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