Review by Geraldine Evans

After an operation more bungled by circumstances than any incompetence on his part, MI5 agent Harry Tate is posted to Red Station in south Ossetia, a drab place where, apart from the ever-present followers, nothing much happens.

But then things start to hot up. A British agent – one of the ‘Clones’ stalking Tate – is murdered.  He begins to suspect there is a mole in his small department. Worse, the Russians are massed on the border. The situation is becoming tense, but with no orders to leave the county, Harry Tate and his colleagues are left to fend for themselves, knowing that someone in England’s shadowy spy world has set an assassin lose – with them as the target. Tate and two of his colleagues, their escape fraught with danger, stalked by a terrible death dealer, finally make it back to England. It is time to find out just who it was that ordered their murder.

I enjoyed this book. It starts with a bang and, after a while in the spy’s often humdrum world, we are treated to more excitement. All in all, a very good novel that is an enjoyable and intriguing read. I hope we’ll be seeing more of Harry Tate.


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