Ridiculous publicity ideas for authors

In less than two months, my next novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA will be published in the UK (the US publication date is November). This means I have to start thinking about publicity.
Naturally I’ll be doing the usual kinds of things that writers do these days. The promo video is already made and can be seen onwww.mattrees.net. It will be particular hit with you if you want to see me wearing a powdered wig and silk stockings; it also features my adorable three-year-old son dressed as Little Mozart. One for the ladies, I’d say.
I shall be Facebooking, guest blogging, even tweeting perhaps, and sending emails to everyone who ever wrote an email to me. But all writers do that stuff.
So I shall also be adding some truly ridiculous publicity stunts to my “online presence.” Given that some of the other things necessary for publicity are a bit of a drag, my only criteria for my ridiculous stunts is that they ought to be fun.
For example, stay tuned for readings from MOZART’S LAST ARIA and some of my previous novels by major celebrities such as Michael Caine, Richard Burton, and Sean Connery.
Good publicity, eh? But surely expensive, you say.

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