Roundtable Podcast of Literature

The Internet's best-kept secret can be found at where Dave Robison and co-host Brian Humphrey kick around ideas with established authors. They don't limit themselves to any particular genre. They get into the sleeves-rolled-up nuts and bolts of the craft of writing.

The format of conversation as opposed to interview just really works. As a reader I come away seeing that author as a person and wanting to read his/her work.

Dave and Brian have conversed with John Mireau, Seth Harwood, Christof Laputka, Abigail Hilton and so many others. The show is young, but they have siezed the challenge to produce a daily show, alternating between "workshop" and "20 minutes with" episodes.

Readers will love this. Authors should try to get on the show. If nothing else, to hear the amazing voice of Dave Robison say your name and how awesome you are, that will send you into the heights of authorship.

Check this out! 

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