Silent Scream My True Crime Documentary Gets a Face Lift

My True Crime Doucmentary Silent Scream gets a face lift just in time for the newest review. Read what reader and fellow author Sheri has to say about Silent Scream:

Why do serial killers intrigue us so much? I've always been drawn to the criminal mind for some reason, especially if it has to do with the mind of a serial killer.

I've watched documentaries on the likes of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Son of Sam, The Zodiac Killer , etc. However, I have never before come to know such a sick twisted perversion, as the psyche of serial killer Gerard John Schaefer.

I've just finished a book detailing the heinious serial killings perpetrated by Gerard Schaefer in the the south Florida area from 1966 through 1972.

Schaefer has been linked by physical evidence to murders of at least 34 young women but only convicted for the disappearance and double murders of Susan Place age 17 and Georgia Jessup age 16. He received life in prison for this particular crime.

He's been known to admit, while in prison, to as many as 80 to 110 killings. He could possilby be one of the sickest psychopathic serial killers there ever was.

He's claimed at various times to have perpetrated his cunning assaults on 3 different Continents and had sadisms and sexual perversions that would make other serial killers look like angels of mercy.

The particular book that I read was written by Yvonne Mason and entitled Silent Scream. Not only is Yvonne an accomplished Bounty Hunter and Author, she is also a very special and dear friend to me.

I met Yvonne when I was looking for volunteer writers on my MySpace page Write in the City. She often did daily blogs for our page and I came to know her as a gifted author who believed in "paying it forward" by sharing her literary talents and helping others.
Yvonne Mason

So comes time for me to "pay it forward" by giving this gift to her. A review of her Masterpiece Silent Scream that is currently being used as a resource to teach law enforcement officials throughtout the country the mechanisms, manipulations, and paraphelias that serial killers like Schaefer have the propensity to exhibit.

Yvonne Mason brilliantly exposes the psyche of the sadisticly gruesome brutal serial killings of Gerard Jonh Schaefer across south Florida. Not only does she allow you to venture into the taboo world of Schaefer and his paraphelic obsessions, but she gave every victim that met their final fate with Schaefer a voice to be heard.

She exposed their silent screams for all to hear so that the young women who were robbed of the lives may now rest in peace and that their families may find some closure through her story and tribute to them as well.

She tells the saga of how a trusted law official who took an oath to serve and protect abused that privilege by turning the tables with his badge and power. Using them in a way to manipulate and lure young women into desolate swampy areas that became his playground of torture and sexually perverted games. Only to repeatedly mutilate and desecrate the corpses for his twisted sexual gratification going back again and again to their graves and collecting trophies of his kills.

The one thing he never planned on was the escape of two of his victims that led to his ultimate demise.

Mason takes you through the circus event of the media and court during the trial and conviction of Schaefer. Once convicted his shenanigans don't end with his incarceration.

His narcissistic behaviors continue to gain him attention and noteriety long after the trial ends. He befriends other serial killers in prison such as Ted Bundy and Ottis Toole, known cannibal and confessor of the kidnapping and beheading of Adam Walsh.

While in prison Schaefer continues to whet his appetite for his twisted sexual deviant behaviors by penning stories under other pseudo names with the help of his ex high school girlfriend, Sondra London.

These stories take you deep into the mind of Schaefer as he relives some of his gruesome killings by labeling them as ficition. You can almost taste the fear of his victim in an excerpt in the book detailing one of his killings.

You see and feel his every incessant thought as he walks you through the torture and sheer gratification he acquires through humilating his prey.

Yvonne Mason pays tribute to each of the 10 victims that were linked to various physical evidence found at Schaefer's residence. Yes, their screams may have been silent then but she gave them a voice to tell their stories.

And hopefully they may rest in peace and their families may find the closure that Schaefer so selfishly denied them. Mason delivers an entertaining and disturbing account of his modus operandi that will hopefully help to catch other serial killers in the future.

She credits her book to the team that helped bring down Schaefer from an ambulance driver, to the investigators, prosecuters, judges, defense attorneys and finally to the man that robbed Schaefer of his last breath.

This is an excellent read that will both repulse and intrigue you. Once you pick it up it's hard to put back down.

Sheri has a background in Nursing and she also works for a group of lawyers. She is also an a writer

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