“Okay, we’ll take this systematically,” Sherlock said. “Caren, if you’ll help me go through the writing desk? Patricia, will you glance through the armoire, make certain these two didn’t miss anything important? And Robbie my Robber, see if you can’t get that old trunk open. It looks like it’s been rusted shut for ages.” He finally paused. “Unless, of course, anyone minds interfering with a police investigation?”

from Trophies, chapter ten


Trophies is a polished ms currently off with an editor, a mystery with an amateur sleuth that falls within the grey region between a warm cozy and a blistering thriller. Feel free to read the first chapter here.

Six Sentence Sunday remains good, legal fun and writers are encouraged to join in with six sentences selected from their current work in progress, polished ms making the rounds, or published masterpiece. Yes, I admit I snuck an extra sentence in there.

J. Gunnar Grey, the 1940 mystery writer

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