Today I have to be in a "killing" mood. Sorry. That's just the way it is.

Good thing it's rainy and windy outside. Don't think a bird would have a chance holding its own. Even the squirrels and chipmunks have gone to ground.

The water is churning on the lake. Not a duck or loon in sight.

Perfect day to write a thriller scene - an entire chapter if I can stay in that place I have to go - see and feel that must be seen and felt. It may take days. For sure, there is no music playing in the background, not even the soft jazz I usually have muted to keep me company. No. Murder needs no company.

The opening of the book was never planned to be this way. But it seems the logical way. Even though, to be honest, it gives me the creeps.

I know the method. I know the killer. I know his motive. And I know the victim. I know them all too well. And because I know this killer, I admit he scares me. Even though I am the writer. Even though he is "fictionalized", he's based on others who are/were real. And I do not know for sure they are now dead. Murderers don't always see a court room, and even when they do they're not always sentenced to death row, and even then...Well, you know the reality of death row. Don't we all. Except in Texas maybe.

Remember, I just came back from the Writers Retreat where I read from the opening chapter of my novel-in-progress. The entire chapter was read in the workshop I attended. Got fairly good reviews actually. But then the workshop leader, Patrick Quinlan, published writer of thrillers, said words to the effect, "You need to capture the reader, the publisher, with a bang. Grab them by the throat. Show your victim being killed in the first chapter."

Then during a break, in a one-on-one, once I had the opportunity to outline the entire plot and characters in the book, he was even more emphatic.

And he was right!

It has now been four days and a long drive home that I have danced around this. Danced up close to it and then backed away. Do all mystery/police procedural writers dance this way when they have to go back into Hell? I don't know. I just know I have. Because I know that is where I have to go. Again.

Today is a killing day.

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