Tales of Tomasewski by Del Staecker

Publisher:  Musa Publishing

Publishing Date: October 2012

ISBN:  978-I-6I937-8I9-3

Would you like to know what makes a good detective?  Well, I think it’s the same qualities that make a good anything.  Doing what you have to do, even when you don’t really feel like doing it.

Like going out and risking you rear end when you just know that you’re not going to get any credit or thanks for it.  Like solving cases that no one else wants any part of. You know that the only reason you even tagged the cases in the first place is because…well, because no one else wants any part of them.

You’re an out-cast, ignored, and un-appreciated.  You drink too much and your colleges do not want to work with you.  You don’t particularly want any part of them either. 

You’d rather work alone now, drinking the bad coffee served at Jimmy’s Diner.  You have more baggage in your life then a luggage store has inventory.

And yet you do your job, better than most, even if your superiors, the press, and the city you live and work in pretend you don’t even exist.

Your name is Jan Tomasewski, aka Jake Thompson, and 8 years ago you messed up during a sting operation that left a suspect dead, and your partner critically wounded. 

So, it was decided that instead of firing you, you’d be sentenced to the purgatory known as The Administrative Investigation Unit (AIU).  There, with other losers of the Chicago PD, you would labor without any hope of promotion until you either retired or drank yourself to death.


And so, for the past 8 years you’ve been “reduced to finding lost wallets and misplaced umbrellas…”


The entire situation would have destroyed a lesser man.  But you, Jake Thompson are no wimp, even if it is tough getting out of bed and solving a bunch of crappy cases. 


For one thing, you are the best at what you do, and most people know it, even if they’ll never acknowledge it.  And you have a built-in support system of off-beat admirers that will never allow you to drown in a sea of depression and bourbon.


And it is these “loyalists” and your own natural ability as a crime stopper that allow you to build up an impressive resume of solved cases.  From the tough, south-side of Chicago, to the streets of Hong Kong, your fame is beginning to rise as you gradually rebuild you reputation. 


No one can keep a good cop down.  And you are better than a good cop; you’re a great cop. 


And by the end of this book of short stories dedicated in your honor, you’ll be in a position to tell the AIU where THEY can go, as you strike out on your own. 


No, it hasn’t been easy doing what you have to do, especially when you don’t really feel like doing it. 


But by the end of this book, you certainly prove to all the nay-sayers just how wrong about you they really are.

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