My book signing at the Borders Books in Warrenton, VA was a pleasant surprise. Traffic was worse than expected so I arrived late. But the staff members were especially supportive. The store had few visitors that evening but I still sold out of books in three hours. I was not quite as successful at Borders in White Marsh Mall, but I did make a few new friends and fans there too.

Also, the latest issue of The Big Thrill, the newsletter of the International Thriller Writers, carries my review of "Justice in June" by Barbara Levenson. If you're looking for a good mystery to kick off your summer, this legal thriller's protagonist has to solve three. Check it out.

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Comment by Austin S. Camacho on June 7, 2010 at 12:29pm
John, I seem to do well as long as I'm near the entrance. I hand each person who comes in a bookmark and tell them that Borders is featuring my new mystery novel today so I'm doing a book signing. Those who stop get a very brief description of my book, and I offer to sign one for them. I find it fun and usually profitable.
Comment by John Desjarlais on June 7, 2010 at 12:01pm
Glad your signing went well. I've had mixed success with chain store signings. If I'm part of a program or scheduled to give a talk on a particular topic, it goes well; if the store has just set up a table for me, it doesn't. I have to 'work the room' and strike up conversations with strangers who came to the store looking for something else and it's kinda awkward.

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