Borders in the in the Gateway Center was a great host Saturday. Withlive brass playing holiday music and a cheerful crowd my book signingwas a near sellout. Then I signed a few books at Borders in DullesAirport. Not big sales but I did make a couple new British fans and acharming gentleman from Kenya.

In other news, introduced Kindle book gifting. Now you cangive any Kindle book available as a gift to anyone with an e-mailaddress. You don't need a Kindle to send or receive Kindle book gifts,and the recipient can read their gift on a Kindle or any free Kindlereading application. To gift a Kindle book, you just click the Giveas a Gift button under the Buy button on a Kindle Store product'sdetail pages. So now you can treat your friends to my novelselectronically. Give someone one of my novels as an ebook here.

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