No, it's not the description of a novel (although some might say the 'scary' is an apt description of me in this photograph) but it's the way I felt when I received my author copies of the new Inspector Horton crime novel, Blood on the Sand, today. I must say though it looks great.

It is the fifth in the series due officially to be published in the UK on 26 February 2010. American readers have to wait a little longer, until April or May, I believe. It is always a thrilling (and scary) moment when you receive the first printed copies of your novel. Thrilling, because it is at last a tangible thing after months (and years if you count the time it takes to get published in the first place) of hard work. Scary, because it is there now in black and white for anyone to read, review, enjoy, hate, love, scorn, enthuse whatever.... And when I turn to that first page I'm always thinking, could I have changed that? Could I have written it better?Too late. But the novel looks good and thanks to Severn House, my publishers. Hope my readers enjoy it.

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