'Tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." Buddah

Danny Boyle is a 24 year old, part-time police officer at the Sea Haven PD. He enjoys hanging out on the beach with his friends and doesn't carry a weapon. He narrates this bizzare story.


John Ceepak is a former MP who served in Iraq. He and Danny are having coffee when a young girl screams that her father has been shot. The event occurred at the Tilt-A-Whirl ride at an amusement park in Sea Haven, New Jersey.


Ceepak only took the job for the summer and being a former MP knows more about investigations than his superiors but he's not brought intot he investigation and his ideas are ignored.

He decides to run his own investigation with Danny. He learns that the man who was killed was real estate tycoon, Reginald Hart.


Ceepak is in the image of the straight faced dectective, Joe Friday from TV and the movie, Dragnet. He's always one step ahead of the people he's interviewing and I expect to hear him say, "just the facts, mam."


The characters are interesting and purposely stereotypical in this witty crime spoof, from the muscle bound, undeucated criminal to the inept investigator who drops a wrapper from McDonald's at the crime scene.


The writing style is reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen and as the reader realizes that this is a spoof, they can see how creative the author is.


Overall, "Tilt-A-Whirl" is a comic story that is easy to read and very entertaining.

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