Times thriller roundup: Omar Yussef 'most beguiling of current sleuths'

In this weekend's Sunday Times of London, reviewer John Dugdale describes my Palestinian detective Omar Yussef as "one of the most beguiling of current sleuths." You can read the roundup in full at Times Online, but here's the bit about my newest novel THE FOURTH ASSASSIN:

Set in a pulsating, multicultural city, Matt Rees’s The Fourth Assassin relocates his Palestinian series hero Omar Yussef to a wintry New York, where a UN conference provides a pretext for visiting his son Ala; but when he reaches Ala’s Brooklyn apartment, he discovers the headless body of one of his roommates. Yussef teams up with a local cop to investigate, and confirms his status as one of the most beguiling of current sleuths as they try to establish whether the victim was killed by a drug dealer, a romantic rival or an Islamist cell intent on a high-profile assassination.

There's also a review of Sophie Hannah's latest. I did a joint reading with her last year in a remote spot in Derbyshire, England. Her novel was about infidelity. She confessed that she'd probably have an affair with any man who asked her to do it in the afternoon, but complained that such offers usually come late at night when she really just wants to sleep. I thought it was the most refreshing perspective on infidelity I've heard for a long time. a good tip, too, for would-be male philanderers.

The other reviews include new ones from Nicci French and Lee Child.

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