For 34 years now, I fall for women. Not only in relationships, but also in sports (Martina Navratilova), films (Jodie Foster), tv-series (La Femme Nikita) and books.


Now the book thing lead to something extremely weird: me falling in absolute L.O.V.E. with Robson Green. Robson owns the most gorgeous blue eyes I ever set my brown ones upon and Robson is a HE, a guy, a bloke, a MAN! Out of my league, I would say. However...... (in these cases there always is a however) every time Tony Hill appears on my 50 inch screen, I transform into moldable wax. 100 Kilos of moldable wax!


I have tried to watch several other tv-series starring Robson. I even watched a few episodes of Extreme Fishing. However, neither Soldier Soldier nor Touching Evil even comes close to Wire in the Blood. Ofcourse (and I really hate to admit this), Carol Jordan and Paula McIntyre are really good characters played by very-nice-to-look-at actresses but they do not make the difference. Tony Hill does.


I love the way he talks to himself, doesn't talk to others, drops his phone, drops his files, stumbles in, stumbles out, acts like an idiot, catches serial killers or gets caught by them.


Val McDermid, please go on writing about my hero.


ITV, PLEASE invest in this great series again!



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