We Know Bad Men - The Killer Inside Me 2010 Movie Review

Alright, brawlers, bindlestiffs and bottle blondes, here's a recent review of a raw-knuckle movie made about the master of noirest-noir, Jim Thompson's psychopathic classic, "The Killer Inside Me"

If sociopaths, Central Texas or unflinching glimpses of human sickness draw your eye, then give a look.

The Killer Inside Me is a tight, stark anatomical study of a garden-variety sociopath’s mind. Men like Casey Affleck’s character, Lou Ford, are out there. They seem so normal, so charming, so interested in you. That’s one of the tricks they play that gets them off on their own power. Then they get you in the bedroom or slip a ring on your finger, and it’s time for the sickness to come out and play.

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