He didn’t say not to give to Haiti, he said, “We already gave aid to Haiti,” calling it the U.S. Tax. THAT IS discouraging advice. What would we think of anyone that offered that opinion if an earthquake happened in America?

Look Haiti needs your 5 dollar donation. This isn’t about conservative, liberal, straight, gay, male, female, black or white. We are all children of the world, what it is about is saving humanity.

Here’s the math.

I’m not a mathematician but if the 300 million people that live in America donated just 5 dollars, it would equal one billion, 500 hundred million dollars. Everyone won't do that, but my 50 buck donation covered 10 people, Tyler Perry's quarter million donation covered many thousands, and many other rich and famous people did the same.

Given all the other countries of the world’s donations as well, the one billion five is a very conservative figure. Now that’s the kind of money needed to begin to rebuild. Experts say the big one is due in America; Karma says giving just might help avert it. It won’t kill anyone to give. Some people think things happen for a reason, but what do we really think? To Donate. Text “Haiti” to 90999, or use your PAYPAL at:

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