Hi everyone-

Please forgive my lapse into BSP, but I'm gearing up for the release of THE GATEKEEPER and thought some of you might want to enter a giveaway I'm running.
One lucky person will receive a brand new MacBook laptop computer. All you have to do is go to my website (www.MichelleGagnon.com) and sign up for my free newsletter, which will grace your inbox fewer than six times a year.

Want to increase your odds? For ten more entries, please answer this question:
“Which two characters (aside from Kelly and Jake) appear in BOTH The Tunnels and The Gatekeeper?”

(Note: Kelly and Jake, as mentioned, do not count. If you write :”Kelly and Jake,” I will be incredibly disheartened and frustrated. I promise there are two other characters who make an appearance in both books).

Statistically speaking you have a MUCH better chance of winning this laptop than of having the Publishers Clearinghouse people show up on your doorstep with balloons and a giant check. More details (including rules and regulations) are posted at michellegagnon.com.
Good luck to you all, I’ll announce a winner in January.


Michelle Gagnon
THE GATEKEEPER, November, 2009

“High stakes, tension, excitement-I loved The Gatekeeper.” -NY Times Bestselling Author Lee Child

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