Lesa Zonsius of ZonCom, a photography company specializing in portraits, will be available at Love Is Murder 2011 to take headshots of authors and fans attending LIM. Appointments can be made before (call 815-676-5275) or during the conference.
Following is some advice from Lesa on preparing for your headshot. For more information, or to consult with Lesa re prices, please call 815-676-5275.
Preparing for your headshot is simple. Here are some helpful suggestions for you.
If you wear makeup you may want to emphasize your best features such as your eyes and wear a bit more makeup in order for the eyes to pop more on the photos. If you have any concerns of blemishes or scars please let us know that the day of the shoot and we will do our best to cover them up in post. Men don't forget to tidy up facial hair. The headshot will be taken close and will show your head to your middle area or closer so pants are not necessary unless you decide to do a full length shot and include your legs. Please let us know what you prefer the day of the shoot. Don't forget to clean your eye glasses and tidy up those nails. Less is more so too much jewelry and you may get lost in the photo. When choosing your clothing wear complimentary colors that are solid. If you want the photo to convey your personality keep that in mind when selecting your outfit. .
If you want to appear more in control, authoritative and intelligent we suggest you wear a suit jacket or blazer. Men we suggest for a formal look that you put a handkerchief in your front left pocket. Hair put back is more authoritative verses hair left more loose is approachable. We may use two lights which will provide overall coverage.
If you want to appear warm, approachable and fun we suggest a casual top one accessory such as a scarf or vest. We may use one light to add some shadows to your face. This creates drama. Feel free to bring a pair of reading glasses or the book you wrote and include it with your headshot. Men feel free to bring your smoking pipe as it will add to the drama of your photo. Remember to be yourself and don't be nervous as we will show you the first couple of shots to help you with the process.
If you have any questions or would like to let us know what time to expect you, please call us at 815-676-5275. We look forward to meeting you at Love Is Murder in February 2011.
For more information about ZonCom please visit us at www.zoncom.com.
Lesa Zonsius
ZonCom Productions Inc.
(815) 676-5275

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