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At 7:45am on March 9, 2010, Richard Kunzmann said…
Hey Victoria, welcome to the family and thanks for getting in touch.

Had a browse through your preferences, and the pianist, Pan's Labyrinth and the English Patient are some of my hot favourites too. Have you tried The Very Long Engagement by Jean Jeunet? Should be write up your alley, with a touch of Krieg and spies ;-)
At 7:06am on March 9, 2010, brian said…
After a week, torn apart by getting the boot from my literary agent and being turned down by another, wandering mostly in darkness and feeling a cruel numb slowly spreading where emotions gurgle and boil into life, I had forgotten I was even alive.
Your note woke me up some. Reminded me that I do indeed exist. Thank you for this.
At 7:04am on March 9, 2010, Victoria Dougherty said…
Looking forward to reading your work, Sam. Thanks for the friendship.
At 6:57am on March 9, 2010, sam millar said…
Hey, Victoria
thanks for the invite.
At 7:21am on March 8, 2010, Vincent Zandri said…
Thank you Victoria. Honored to have you as my friend!
At 5:10am on March 5, 2010, Victoria Dougherty said…
I don't know if you've read the Dr. Suess story, "Oh, The Places You Will Go," but if you have, I'm in "the waiting place." I have a huge back log of short stories and a second novel I'm working on, however, so it helps pass the time.
Good luck with Writers House. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
At 5:01am on March 5, 2010, Richard Godwin said…
Hi Victoria,
Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time and effort to read my story,and also I've sent in some sample chapters of my novel to Writers House.
How is your own writing going?
At 2:03am on February 26, 2010, Josh Getzler said…
Where there is crime fiction... :)
At 12:07am on February 26, 2010, Victoria Dougherty said…
Thanks for the crossed fingers - and I'll do the same regarding your intended. Will also check out Bulletproof Mascara (hilarious title).
At 4:36am on February 25, 2010, Robin Richmond said…
For the record the pix is of the girl I wish to marry if she will have me I am keeping my fingers crossed for your book I am reading a brilliant first book Bulletproof Mascara BY Bethany Maines IT would enjoyed more by female readership
At 10:21am on February 17, 2010, Reece Hirsch said…
Hi Victoria -- Thanks for accepting the invite. I don't know whether it's the Dashiell Hammett connection or the fog, but San Francisco is a great city for noir. We even have an annual Noir Festival. Best of luck with your book. Reece
At 2:57am on February 16, 2010, Robin Richmond said…
Thanks for comment can you mail proof of your book to Ming Books Beechwood Acre Place Wightown Dg8 9du Scotland The picture is of the girl I am about to marry
At 11:19pm on February 10, 2010, Victoria Dougherty said…
Ain't that the truth. Good luck coming right back at you.
At 8:39am on February 10, 2010, Victoria Dougherty said…
Hi Syd,
Small world, isn't it? My agent's name is Josh Getzler, but he's moved to Russell and Volkening. Who was handling you?
At 8:36am on February 10, 2010, J. Sydney Jones said…
Hey, Victoria,
I used to be with Writers House. Who's handling your book there? Good luck with it.
At 5:30am on February 9, 2010, Richard Godwin said…
Hi Victoria,
And thank you for accepting so gracefully and helpfully. That is a fantastic tip, really, and best of luck with your novel.
It's hard out there.
All the very best to you,
At 4:29am on February 8, 2010, Victoria Dougherty said…
Thank you. On the fiction side - not yet. My agent recently started sending my novel out to publishers, so we're waiting to hear back. I'm starting to compile some short stories, which I'll submit to crime/thriller mags. Apart from the time I spent writing sketch comedy in theater, I've had a mostly corporate writing life - a lot of speeches, position papers, etc.
How about you? Apart from your coming novel, can I read your stuff anywhere?
At 9:44am on February 7, 2010, Aaron Philip Clark said…
Thanks, Victoria. You have great taste in books and authors.

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