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At 7:04am on April 17, 2008, helen black said…
Well thanks for buying it - I never did mind waiting in queues.
HB x
At 1:21pm on April 15, 2008, Janet Ortegon said…
You know, I have no idea how to turn away from the fun distractions and get to work. I've always failed at that test! That might be why neither my novel nor any of my short stories are finished. If you come up with something, please let me know!
At 9:39am on April 15, 2008, Ian Gosling said…
Just sitting here contemplating the futility of existence and wondering why I have so many faceless friends. These grey shadows are really boring. If you are shy why not use pic of your partner/kids/brother/sister/favourite cartoon character/George Bush/a VW Beetle ... anything please.
At 1:54am on April 15, 2008, Ian Gosling said…
Hi Sheila
I haven't started pitching my book to agents yet. I find the whole process very time consuming as most won't consider emails. Last time I was getting manuscripts returned that quite obviously hann't even had the pages turned. I tried Darley Anderson last time and got a rejection, but my new book is very different and better written, so I'll give them another try, maybe you could put a word in for me. Recent reports seem to confirm that the business is a bit of a lottery - 800k book deal for Matt Hilton after being rescued from the slush pile by his agent's wife - hmm?
At 1:29am on April 15, 2008, Sheila Quigley said…
Hi Ian , its over now though it was terrible for a while, because I could not write my dreams were monstrous. But Now I can see beyond the moon.
Why dont you try my agent Darley Anderson he is always looking for new people.
At 3:06am on April 14, 2008, Colin Galbraith said…
I don't actually drink in Leith that often, though when I do I tend to stick to The Shore, The King's Wark, The Ship, The Waterline, or Cameo Bar.

My regular is Clark's Bar over in Canonmills.

Where in Leith took your tipple?
At 1:34am on April 14, 2008, Colin Galbraith said…
Thanks Ian,

Yeah, it's pretty cold today again here in Leith, but at least there are no hailstone showers like there were on Friday! I almost thought it was January!

At 7:35pm on April 12, 2008, Wayne Burman said…
Hi Ian, Thanks for inviting me to CrimeSpace. I am useless with these online social networking things, but I'm gonna try to make an effort! Cheers mate. Wayne
At 4:24pm on February 11, 2008, Stewart P Evans said…
Hi Ian, Nice to 'meet' you, thanks for the invite. Stewart
At 8:48pm on February 7, 2008, Alison Bruce said…
Hi Ian,
I go to some of the Bodies in the Bookshop events in Heffers but not out and about much at the moment as I'm snowed under with work. Let me know if you're going to one and I'll try to get there,

cheers, Alison
At 3:51am on February 7, 2008, Alison Bruce said…
Hi Ian,

I've just emailed you via MySpace, cheers,

At 5:51am on January 28, 2008, MysteryDawg said…
Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing in the forums and on the boards. THE PUPPET MASTER sounds great.

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