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At 10:16am on January 4, 2008, bruceforester said…
That is I trhink the point. Life constantly interferes with our passions. We all try try try and some do it.. Most can not Can I . I do not know. BruceF
At 3:37pm on January 3, 2008, Mari Sloan said…
I see you had Denise Hamilton at your conference, too. When I met Denise at the LA Festival of Books, I'd just finished reading her book, purchased by me at the local drug store. I gushed! You ARE what I want to be! I told her. I want someone to be able to buy my book at Longs, someday!

She's a sweetheart. She gave me a bookbag. LOLOL

Since then I've met, and spoken with, several of the San Francisco authors who are also GREAT writers. Cara Black, Laurie R. King, Tim Maleeny and Steve Brewer all came down for the California Mystery Writers/SinC/LA Christmas party and I find myself buying and reading about as many books as I'm selling right now. Laurie R. King is an incredible writer, (To Play the Fool) and I have Cara Black's book in the line-up. If I don't stop buying books I'll have a hard time finishing my sequel. I like having the opportunity to read wonderful new fiction as well as writing.
At 3:16pm on January 3, 2008, Mari Sloan said…
I'm VERY lucky! I get to hug Sue Ann once a month, at the SinC/LA meeting here. To see a picture of one of my Sue Ann hugs, check out the the pictures from the LA Festival of Books on www.beaufortfalls.com . You can't BE luckier than to have Sue Ann around.

I've been to your website and I'm going back now to check out the photos. Thanks!

At 1:43pm on January 3, 2008, Mari Sloan said…
Actually I wasn't in Austrailia, just here in SoCal. I was fudging on time zones since Crimespace is run by an Austrailian. I WISH I could have had that exciting a New Years! Sue Ann Rocks! i'm in the last couple of chapters of Holy Pail right now and I'm glad that I know Odelia has to be around for another book. She is just too human for words! I keep fussing at her--every chapter reminding her that there is a police department for a reason! She is WAY too trusting!

It's great meeting you and having the opportunity to get to know you. My father was a veternarian and I love animals, probably my favorite pet so far being my Maine Coon cat, the brightest animal who has ever owned me. Spooky talks, comes when he's called, follows directions, (when he forgets he is supposed to be coy) and in many ways is more like the typical dog with CAT kewl. He is a good animal who tries to do what we ask of him and copes with being a big cat in a studio apartment pretty well. My husband and I adore him. He has his own page on our webpage, if you get a chance, take a look. www.beaufortfalls.com .He's probably not full blooded--we found him as a kitten, but he typlifies the breed extremely well. I have hundreds of pictures of him and he has a major role as a character in my sequel, so you know I'm a doting parent...and a strange writer. LOL. Anyway, sorry to ramble....
:-) Mari
At 5:48am on November 7, 2007, Eddie Vincent said…
Hi Michael,
I was at Waterville for author day, I came with the designers of your book cover. It was a nice time, but it was hot out.
I hope you were happy with you cover.

At 2:27pm on August 22, 2007, Julie Hyzy said…
Hi Michael - I recognized your name from the Five Star Yahoo board. Sounds like you're having a great time with DEATH ROLL. Congrats!
At 1:27pm on August 19, 2007, Gemma Halliday said…
Thanks, Michael! I'd love to say I had anything to do with my covers, but it's all my publisher. :)
Nice to meet you!

At 1:50am on August 9, 2007, Lyn LeJeune said…
I'm going to your website because I love thriller with animals. I'm reading Water for Elephants Now and it makes you cry in places about how circus people have treated animals. My cause, though, is libraries. My book, The Beatitudes, is a paranormal thriller set in New Orleans. It will be out in the fall and I am donating all royalties directly to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. Libraries support the infrastructure of a great city, so I have started The Beatitudes Network to promote awareness of the importance of public libraries in NOLA.
The blogsite www.beatitudesinneworleans.blogspot.com describes the Network, has excerpts from The Beatitudes, recipes, and more. Merci mille fois. Lyn Lejeune.
Writers, please pass the word…..it’s for a good cause….don’t let the libraries of New Orleans or the US go the way of The Great Library of Alexandria.
At 9:48pm on August 8, 2007, Jeff Markowitz said…
Michael -

I had a great time talking in Waterville. Continued success.

At 10:29am on July 28, 2007, Eric Stone said…
Thanks. Things do seem to be moving along. Congratulations on your book coming out this year. It's beginning to look like I'll be in Minneapolis on my book tour - probably around October 22 or thereabouts. I'll let you know when I'm about to show up.
At 12:00pm on July 27, 2007, Kelli Stanley said…
Hi, Michael, thanks for the comment. I was glad to see that Death Roll is in its second printing--I think it's on a roll, too. ;)

Take care, and see you on the FSF!

At 1:07pm on July 25, 2007, Nikki Leigh said…
Cape Cod is beautiful, but something about Cape Ann really captured my imagination when it came to writing the stories. I'm putting the final touches on Book Promo and I am very happy with it. It will be out in the next month or two. I will certainly share the news when its completed :)

Nikki Leigh
At 4:52am on July 20, 2007, Elizabeth Zelvin said…
Thanks for the congratulations, Michael. Death Will Get You Sober will be out next April--it's hard to wait! :)
At 12:59pm on July 13, 2007, Evelyn David said…
Hi Michael,

Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well with Death Roll. Maybe I'll catch up with you and Marilyn at another conference soon.

aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David
At 11:03am on July 10, 2007, Lee Lofland said…
Welcome, Michael.

If I can ever be of assistance please feel free to call on me.
At 6:26pm on July 9, 2007, Dennis Venter said…
Hi Michael, welcome to crimespace. Congrats and good luck with Death Roll, it looks like a lot of fun.

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