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At 12:49am on May 26, 2009, J. F. Juzwik said…
Hi Marta, Sorry it took me so long to reply. I'm in a knock-down, drag-out with a story, but I think I may win the match soon. I HOPE SO since deadline for submission is this Saturday. Indy is so close for me too and I'd love to attend Bouchercon, but I'll have to see how things go. Right now, I've got the grandkids all the time (SUPER FUN!), but my granddaughter is a bit young to attend. My grandson is a crimewriter (God bless him) at the age of 9 and a good one too, so he'd like to go, but we'll just have to see how I could work it out. Hope all is well with you. Joyce
At 1:27am on January 24, 2009, Susan Whitfield said…
Absolutely! Just give me the details. Thanks for asking.
At 11:05am on January 21, 2008, Marta Stephens said…
At 10:04am on January 21st, 2008, Marta Stephens said…
Hi Neil! Yes, my publisher is in the UK, BeWrite Books and Silenced Cry is available on all the Amazons and other shops. If you'll look in the "Buy Now" section on my site, I have several British locations listed including the London Book Depository. It's also available directly from my publisher at

Thanks so much for taking time to view my video. If you're interested, I developed a 6-part series of articles on developing and Internet presense. They too are available on my website in the "Author to Author" section. I'm posting one a week. Thus far you'll find three posted. "The Public Author," "The Author's Website," and "Book Trailers." Upcoming titles are, "Spreading the Word," "Virtual Book Tours," and "The Hometown Advantage."

You asked how the book is doing. I'm not getting rich, but Silenced Cry is doing well, I think. My publisher is happy. I had great sales in this past fall (the book came out in April 2007) and I thoroughly enjoy what I'm doing. For the moment that's what counts. :)

So glad we "met!"
At 10:50am on January 21, 2008, Neil White said…
Thanks for the invite, Marta. Great video. I would never have thought of doing a video for a book site, but it looks like a good idea now. I'll look out for the book. Is it for sale in England, and if so, how is it doing?
At 9:17am on January 13, 2008, Susan Whitfield said…
Marta, Luck has taken off in a hurry. I'm tickled so far although it has only been a couple of weeks. We'll see how it does over the long haul. Best to you!
At 8:27am on January 13, 2008, Marta Stephens said…
Hey Susan!! Thanks so much! :)
At 7:13am on January 13, 2008, Susan Whitfield said…
Marta, your video is awesome. Even though I've already read the book ,Silenced Cry, the video gave me chills. Congratulations!
At 3:14am on January 13, 2008, Douglas Quinn said…
Douglas Quinn
Author, Editor, Book Reviewer

12 January 2008

Dear Family/Fans/Friends/Readers

Please join me in the first week of my Virtual Book Tour. Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, January 13th, writer Brenda Kay Wynn will publish an interview with Douglas Quinn on her webblog site at (click on the following or cut and paste into your browser)

You are invited to go to Brenda’s site, read the interview and comment and/or ask questions. I am looking forward to responding to your comments and queries.

The interview will be posted throughout the four week tour. Weeks two, three and four will have different articles hosted by and posted at other webblog sites. Would love to interact with you along the way.

In addition, each time during the four week tour you leave a comment and/or ask a question your name will be placed into a drawing for a Free Signed Copy of Blue Heron Marsh.. Hope to see you all there.

Douglas Quinn

P.S. Please feel free to forward this invitation to your own email address list. The more people who participate, the happier I will be.
At 4:27am on January 4, 2008, Darren Laws said…
Seems we are both in midst a crime trilogy. You are bang on when you write that it's all about entertaining the reader. There is no higher cause. If a reader obtains anything else from a novel then it is a bonus.
Have a great 2008!
At 4:08am on September 19, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
When you get a chance, check out my Crimespace Blog re the info and pics from my recent book signing event.

Douglas Quinn
At 1:17am on September 10, 2007, BJ Bourg said…
Hey Marta,
Thanks for your comment. You have a cool website, and I love the cover of your book. If you send a jpeg of the cover, along with your ad info, I'll post it on the "Announcements" page of Mouth Full of Bullets.
All the best to you and yours. :-)
At 2:37am on September 4, 2007, joe miller said…
Great website.
At 12:46am on August 29, 2007, Douglas Quinn said…
Marta: Read your info on the Virtual Tour concept and I really like the idea. Maybe we should talk the owner of this site to set up a weekly podcast conducting interviews of members who wish to sign up. Then, I'm presuming--and with permission--the podcast could be offered to other groups/sites as part of a virtual tour. Just a thought.
At 11:59am on July 10, 2007, R Broome said…
Thanks...though i always say i would, deep down i know i couldn't ever put flame to that paper...we all know any manuscript good or bad is like a child we've birthed. I am, however, transplanting its organs into a brand new story! Wish me luck!
At 4:40pm on July 4, 2007, Declan Burke said…
Hi Marta - Thanks for the welcome, it's really appreciated. Hope Silenced Cry is a huge success for you, and ditto the series. Once I get orientated here on Crime Space, I'll be back ... Cheers, Dec
At 12:32pm on July 4, 2007, Kathryn Lilley said…
Actually, my stories are set in Durham, North Carolina, the self-proclaimed "Diet Captital of the World."
At 11:45am on July 4, 2007, Marta Stephens said…
LOL There's a story happening every minute!
At 11:38am on July 4, 2007, Kathryn Lilley said…
Ah, yes...the "D" and "E". Major hurdles for me as well, lol! Nowadays, they provide great fodder for me in my stories, lol.
At 10:46am on July 4, 2007, Marta Stephens said…
"Hi" Always works for me LOL.

Seriously, I took the same approach you have. "Do you like mysteries?" My table was right in front of the door so the first thing I did was make eye contact and smile. I don't know, maybe it made them feel guilty if they didn't stop to talk, the point is, several did. They seemed to be drawn by the cover. Keep in mind that my signing was at a college B&N during student orientation so I asked thing like where are your from? What's Johnny or Mary going to study? How do you like the campus? The minute I started showing an interest in them, they picked up a book and started to thumb through it. Probably that guilt thing again. LOL The neat thing for me was when customers asked questions either about the book (my favorite subject) or about me (how long have you been writing, etc.,). Others stood around and listened in. Several picked up the book as a result of what they heard in our discussion. The best example of this was one of the sales clerks, a student who had been very helpful from the minute I walked through the door. We chatted a while before hand about the book but then people started coming in and we both got busy. When it was nearly time for me to go, he came and stood by my table again and waited for me to finish talking with a couple of women. I thought he needed to tell me something bookstore related. Instead, he pick up a book and said, "You know, I like to read but I’ve never read a mystery. I think I'm going to buy one of these though. Who knows I might like the genre." Ah! I love an open mind! :)

Mark (love the last name, by the way) I think the important thing is to be yourself. If you believe in your book, you'll be a natural salesman! Best of luck and let me know how it goes!
At 10:17am on July 4, 2007, Mark Stevens said…
Good luck with Silenced Cry and thanks for the invite. Since you did so well at your first Barnes and Noble event, here's a question for you: what's your favorite opening line to cold walk-ins? I enjoy meeting readers too (and I have a B & N event this weekend and one next week too) but I never quite know about a good opening hook. Sometimes I've said, "do you enjoy mysteries and thrillers?" If they say yes, I can usually reel them in. If they say no, I say, "care to start?"

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